LYL Program


In June 2019, the CCRAI launched the “Love You Lake Maintaining Momentum” program. This program kicked off with a presentation by Leora Berman, co-founder and COO of The Land Between, on Shoreline Naturalization at our August 17, 2019 public meeting.  As part of this program, the CCRAI applied for and was awarded a grant from the Daniel and Susan Gottlieb Lake Stewardship Grant Program to support the availability of the Lake Protection Workbooks and to help defray the cost of native plants. The native plants were sourced and coordinated on our members behalf by the Land Between and the CCRAI subsidized 50% of the cost of the first flat ordered by any CCRAI member that donated time, money or accommodations for the Love Your Lake program last year. This program will result in increased shoreline naturalization which will help improve our lake and water quality whihc is the focus of Love Your Lake.

Please read the Donor Spotlight below on the Daniel and Susan Gottlieb Lake Stewardship Grant Program.