2019 CCRAI

CCRAI 2019 

2019 Information and Events: Be there ! Be heard ! Be informed !
Meetings held at Cavendish Community Centre – County Road 507

* Public Meeting Saturday June 22, 10 am -12 noon 

Kawartha Region 2018 Lake Water Testing Results , Part 1Part 2
Find Out what is Happening Beneath the Surface of our Lake
– Catriona Jones, MSc, Environmental Sciences, Trent University
– Katlin Doughty, BSc, Bioenvironmental Monitoring, Trent University

Trent Lakes Municipal Update
Cavendish Ward Councillor – Carol Armstrong

Gary Jarosz, President, CCRAI

Lake Water Level Updates and Water Management
Ted Spence, Chair – Coalition for Equitable Waterflow, Lake Steward

* Public Meeting Saturday July 6, 10 am -12 noon – Cottage Succession & Estate Planning

Feature Speaker: Mr. Peter Lillico, estate Planning Lawyer
Event Co-Hosts – FOCA & CCRAI

“The Cottage Succession and Estate Planning Seminar –
Keeping the “Family” in the Family Cottage” by Peter Lillico

TRUST THE COTTAGE” Protecting the Family Cottage and Saving Taxes

* AGM & Public Meeting Saturday August 17, 10am – 12noon 

Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc.(CCRAI)
Annual General Meeting
Yearly Report, Financials, Elect Board Directors

CEWF Update

A Land of Hope and Shorelines as Essential Services
Leora Berman, Co-Founder and COO, The Land Between

Peterborough County Waste Management Update
Waste Management, Peterborough County

Paul Smith, Park Superintendent, Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park
Park Management and Operations Update