Mississagua Lakes Chain Water Level Update June 30, 2020

From Ted Spence’s conversation with TSW this morning he understand the TSW will be working on our dam on Thursday or Friday this week after tomorrow’s holiday. Unfortunately it means the increased flow on the river is still a couple of days away.

In late June our water level was very close to our normal level for this date. However we are now facing the beginning of the seasonal Drawdown in lake levels.

As of June 25, all reservoir lakes had risen to be near normal levels for this time of year. But there is a significant drought occurring across the entire Trent Basin. Although there have been some exceptional rainfall events, they have tended to be quite localized to a few areas of the reservoirs and not impacting the Mississagua lakes chain.  There is little local inflow to our lakes to balance the outflow. The dry conditions extend all the way south to the lower Trent River.

The Trent-Severn Waterway (TSW) water management team has already reduced the flow on the Otonabee River at Peterborough to its minimum level to conserve water system-wide. We are facing a situation quite like or possibly more extreme than we did in 2016 when we experienced two months without significant rainfall.

Hence, as of this week, TSW has started a slow drawdown on all reservoirs. The Mississagua Dam will see log operations to begin a drawdown this week. That will mean a welcome increase in the flow and levels on the River below the dam. The Drawdown forecast is for our lake level to drop by 24 cms or about 10 inches over the next two weeks.

TSW has today posted a Water Management Update as well as the first Drawdown Forecast for 2020. CEWF has posted a commentary and links to both documents on their website at CEWF & Parks Canada websites.

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